Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Bong Chai Bar

The Chai Bar beckons with it's fascinating brews
Cookbooks languidly lie around
Shelves brightly painted in reds and blues
Not one on coffee though... roasted or ground.

Pairs drawn by soft-lit catty corner chairs
Designers, artists, by the smoky hues
Professors by the quiet deferential air
Of waiters gliding by on soft soled shoes.

Speilburg,Camus,Dylan Thomas,vie
For attention from the Bongs now in chinos and Ts
No more Jhola bags or nerdy 'Eton' crews
Bring on the Fastracks the Guccis and Lees.

Drink a cuppa, chew on toast, ketchup on a plate
Give a Bong a chai bar and watch him fly
His repertiore of opinions never runs dry!


  1. there really a state-of-the-art adda in cal now?

  2. Oh yeah there are quite a fact the Oxford book shop one inspired this!