Monday, November 3, 2014

My World

My world is with you as you hold my hand

Kiss my brow, and run in the sand
Leave a fresh coin under my pillow
Tell me a story so I will swallow
My peas and my porridge and my fish and my milk
Your hair all around me - a curtain of silk.

Tell me Mama, will you always be there
To tuck me to sleep with kisses and care
To make me a dress with raindrops and love
To sing me a song of the soft feathered dove
Tell me tales of wondrous far away lands
Make me dolls of cotton with your clever hands.

Take me with you Ma wherever you go
You match your quick footsteps to my pace so slow
As I watch sun dried leaves spin in the breeze
Wander off the stone path into the trees
When I grow to be a woman like you
We will live in this cottage just us two.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Leaves blown asunder
Like images from a dream.
Rushing to journeys end
In life's endless stream.
Undercurrents swirling
Dark as a cloudy day
Smooth as silk above
Warmed by the morning ray.
There comes a meander, a bend
In life's sinuous watercourse.
An aimless idle blimp
A wander with no purpose.
Sparkling , unexpected
An unplanned leap of faith
Breaking the ennui and flow
Of life and death and fate.

Friday, February 3, 2012


The swish of tyres on a quiet morn
driving from an unknown place
to a place as yet unknown
like the wash of a moving sea
filled with memories
of glittering sands
on sun washed shores
secret caves in the deep below
mysterious creatures on the ocean floor
the creak of planks on pirate ships
sleek motor boats on pleasure trips
children's cries, old men's sighs
eagle wings sweeping the skies
the tides
brush the shores
with gentle fingers,
imprinting invisible dreams
on the brow of the sleeping land

Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Bong Chai Bar

The Chai Bar beckons with it's fascinating brews
Cookbooks languidly lie around
Shelves brightly painted in reds and blues
Not one on coffee though... roasted or ground.

Pairs drawn by soft-lit catty corner chairs
Designers, artists, by the smoky hues
Professors by the quiet deferential air
Of waiters gliding by on soft soled shoes.

Speilburg,Camus,Dylan Thomas,vie
For attention from the Bongs now in chinos and Ts
No more Jhola bags or nerdy 'Eton' crews
Bring on the Fastracks the Guccis and Lees.

Drink a cuppa, chew on toast, ketchup on a plate
Give a Bong a chai bar and watch him fly
His repertiore of opinions never runs dry!

Friday, February 4, 2011


Hope is a drop of water
Trembling at the tip of a dry leaf.
A grain of sugar undissolved
On the rim of an empty cup.
It is a paper windmill
On a still day
A grain of sand
On the edge of a boat forgotten
Waiting for the pounding of wind tossed waves
The throb of a raging storm at sea
Life's not over till hope departs.

Monday, June 14, 2010


In vain is what comes to mind.
In wanting what I think is right.
In loving to be loved the same.
In hating for everybody to agree.
In missing you while you are still here.
To say what I feel that which you already know.
To grow a day grow up.
I'm tired!!!

- The Dark Knight

Dark Knight

He walks in darkness
Like a knight
Of cloudy climes
Under broiling skies.

Rent asunder by lightning streaks
He speaks
In tongues
And make belief.

Seeking absolution
From a life torn
By disillusion
A Bedouin.Careworn.

Oft traversed in a single day
Holding sway. Give nothing away.

Are there answers
A new destination?
Or will he
Meander like a stream
Forever in a dream
Of his own creation?